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American Bullshooter Darts Association Switzerland

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Swiss American Bullshooter Darts Association

Organization of the American Bullshooter Darts - Sport in Switzerland

Who is the American Bullshooter Darts Association Switzerland?

The American Bullshooter Darts Verband Schweiz (A.B.D.V.S.) was created and founded in April 2001 by dart players for dart players and is a non-profit association. We want to provide a platform for everyone who enjoys the sport of darts. This is the place to go for individual players, and / or teams who want to compete with others on the 15" dartboard.

What does the American Bullshooter Darts Association Switzerland?

The association is currently active in the regions of Bern and Fribourg. He is always interested and eager to expand the activity to other regions. The association organizes a regional team championship with first and second rounds and conducts an annual Swiss championship. In addition, a Cup as well as Trophy. The trophies are organized by interested teams. The association keeps the team and individual rankings of the licensed players. Trophy and Cup rankings of licensed and non-licensed players.

Regularly, a board meeting is held to process and discuss the various concerns or requests of the teams and players. The board strives to optimize the organization and running of the league, the Cup and the Trophy, as well as to put together a Natiteam. Once a year the general assembly takes place, to which 2 players per team are invited. The association resp. the deputies are happy, about new members and new teams.

What is the team championship?

The Team Championship or League is the championship for teams. Each interested local can set up one, or several teams. These measure themselves during the year in each case in return games.

Such a league round lasts depending on the number of teams different lengths (about 16 weeks). The league is played in group matches, that is, each team plays once in the first and second round against the other teams in the respective group.

How does the team championship?

Until one month before the start of the respective team championship, the teams must have registered in writing with the league coordinator. This creates a match schedule and forwards the necessary documents to the respective Käptns. The matches are recorded by the home team on the match sheet and sent via Whatsapp within 24 hours to the league coordinator, who records the results and publishes the intermediate ranking weekly on the homepage. Later received match sheets are not considered, resp. with forfeit evaluated.

Who can register as a team for the championship?

In principle, all who enjoy the sport of darts can register with a team. For this purpose, the exact requirements are set out in the regulations. Each team has 4 to 10 players and is compiled by the A.B.D.V.S. after registration, taking into account the geographical location of the game locations

How much does it cost to play darts?

The registration fee per team is between CHF 350.00 and 770.00, depending on team registrations, and is usually paid in equal parts by the host and the set up.

The price for the throw-in at the device varies depending on the set-up company.

The A.B.D.V.S. feels a throw-in of CHF 1.00 per game and player, for the disciplines played in the league (301 mo, 501 oi/do, 501 di/do, 701 oi/do, Cricket 200tm), as appropriate.

Cup teams

It is also possible for non-licensed players. The team consists of 2 to a maximum of 3 players. The matches must be played in a time window of 10 to 14 days over's whole year.

The final takes place at the Swiss Championship.


The Trophy takes place 10 - 12 times a year and is also for licensed as well as non-licensed players. More than 50% of the Trophy's must be played, so that one comes into the final ranking, in which the first 12 ranks receive prize money.

Have you also discovered your passion for darts?

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We wish Good Darts and a lot of fun

The A.B.D.V.S.